Raw Vegan Business

Some years ago I found my passion by creating an online-business to inform other people about a raw vegan lifestyle. Let inspire you by the following video from Raw Foodie Markus Rothkranz:

Creating my online-business took me more than 10 years. It’a a lot of work and – of course – fun.

I don’t do it for money, just to spread all the useful information around. But by doing that, money is a side effect. It’s a cosmic law, that you will get, what you give to others.

 I can not really explain how it works, because I just follow my intuition and my inner voice. With that everything is created by itself.

And yes, I only write ebooks and do affiliate, but that’s not the secret. The secret is an individuell way. Each and every person has another way. So it makes not really sense to explain, what is working for me. What is working for you is different and you are the only person who can find it out. You don’t will find the answers in the outer world, but in your inner world. So, be silence and listen to yourself.

Don’t follow others. Follow only your own heart. 

But to give you an idea, my way was:

  • heal yourself first and than share this information of self-healing with others
  • do only, what you like or love to do
  • follow you inner voice (you can hear it best in the morning, when you are waking up without an alarm clock)
  • do service to other people out of your heart, just to help others
  • don’t think about money, it a side effect, when you do, what you love
  • TRUST, the universe supports you, wherever you go
  • LOVE whatever you see, do, say…
  • BE GRATEFUL for all the abundance around you

I can’t explain the flow of life. It just happened.

I recommend this book: Instruction for a New Life (it’s the Best).

Hope this will help a little bit. And sorry for not giving more information, but there are to much emails I received everyday. Can’t answer them all.

Wish you all the Best!


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